Intel prepares for release of inexpensive Ethernet PHY-chip i225-V "Foxville"

With it, the company plans to become a leader in the niche of 2.5 GB/s Ethernet, after 15 years of domination in the market of slower chips - 1 GB/s. It is expected that the new product will apply to new motherboards on the LGA2066 socket, designed for high-performance Cascade Lake-X processors, as well as to the 400-series socket, which is expected to be released at the same time as the Comet Lake-S processors. Despite the fact that Intel is not the first company in the field of 2.5 GB/s Ethernet, the i225-V is expected to become the same recognized gold chip standard as it was with the i219-V and i218-V.

The novelty is an inexpensive PHY chip running on PCH Ethernet MAC and a bus similar to PCIe, but having only half its speed. That is why its predecessor, i219-V, did not apply to motherboards with AMD sockets – instead they were equipped with an i211-AT chip, which has an integrated MAC and a standard PCIe interface. Nevertheless, both models show the same performance, although the i211-AT has several more useful functions, for example, TCP fragmentation, direct cache access, etc. But for comparison, the i219-V costs $1.5 (i225- V is expected to cost the same), and i211-AT is $3.25. Unfortunately, Intel has not yet released documentation for the new product, so its exact specifications and feature set are unknown.

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