Microsoft has released a Windows 10 update that fixes sound issues but breaks printers down

This fate befell the KB4517211 update, which fixes a problem due to which the sound was quieter than usual in some games. At the same time, users report having problems with printers after it.

One of the users posted the following on the official Microsoft forum: “After installing kb4517211, the print spooler started to hang. When the update was uninstalled and rebooted, the problem completely disappeared, but when it was installed again, the problem appeared again. When printing, the Start button just paused and threw a critical error. Again, after uninstalling the update and rebooting everything works fine."

However, it is not entirely clear whether the update affected only specific printer brands – people with models from HP and Kyocera have described the problem at the forum.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released update KB4515384, which fixed a problem with increased use of CPU resources when starting Cortana, but there appeared a problem related to the freezing of the search in the Start menu instead. Now, apparently, it remains to wait for the update, correcting the freezing of printers and breaking something new.

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