Valve uses new test methodology to rid the Dota 2 community of Smurfs

Due to this superiority, smurfs win matches at low ranks without any problems. These people prevent novice players from mastering the game, since it is almost impossible to win against them.

Valve agrees that in recent times, too many smurfs have appeared in Dota 2, but at the same time, the company could not do anything significant. There were some attempts to eradicate this phenomenon, but they, unfortunately, were unsuccessful. However, work in this direction does not stand still and the development team in the latest update shared interesting information about the fight against smurfs.

According to available information, Valve began using a new test technique to rid the Dota 2 community of smurfs. It works as follows – if the system determines that the player is smurf, then at the end of the rating match, it will give him more MMR points than usual. Thus, the smurf will quickly return to its main rating and will less likely prevent novice or inexperienced players from conquering the Dota 2.

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